Day #3: So far so good

Hello again my friends. I hope you are not out yet but i am still in. We’ve crossed another day without any real inner tests or hardnesses. (no pun intended – lol) So with this day gone our mission has only 363 days to go. We’ve completed almost 1% of the challenge. We gotta look at it from the bright side. Well, how am i doing? I am so far so good. I am cruising nice and smoothly trough this journey for now to be honest. I applied the formula just the correct way today too. Just kept myself busy, i didn’t even had time to think of it.

I was super busy today, woke up really late and went to school for some paperwork, than i went to workout. As it turns out, working out should be in the formula too. So for now our list of things to do to avoid fapping or even thinking of it includes;

-Keeping yourself busy


Exercising is really good for your body and now it’s even better with it’s help to your no fap 2012 mission. What it does is it pumps out your extra energy, you feel extremely healthy and release hormones and even though hormones are supposed to make you horny and stuff, it just doesn’t. It depletes your energy so you don’t think of fapping. It’s totally effective for now but maybe that’s because it’s only day 3.

So have i noticed any changes? Well, sort of. For example today i saw a bikini model walking down on runway today and normally bikinis aren’t such a huge turn on or something but when i saw it i was like: “wow look at the body of that girl, amazing” I don’t know if it’s just the girl or my inner fapping desire though.

So that’s how my journey is going for now. We are only at 1% for now. Tell me how your journey is going by your comments. Also, thanks to the two of you that sent encouraging comments. See you tomorrow.



Day #2: Formula is to hover

So the 2nd day of the long marathon “No Fap 2012” has almost come to an end. Which leaves us record breakers only 364 more days to go. (oh my…)

I want to start today’s post by talking about the blog first. I really didn’t expect this to happen but in the first 24 hours, the blog got almost 300 clicks. Which is amazing i think for a beginning. This only shows that a lot of you out there are trying this, or a lot of you are curious of what’s going to happen to me. Well, who isn’t? ¬†With the support i will get from you, i will complete this quest hopefully. It’s gonna be really really tough, i can feel that already, but support always helps. So please feel free to leave comments to posts, letting me know how your quest is going or your general thoughts, anything. Would feel better if i heard some feedback.

So we’ve almost ticked off another day. Which leaves only 364 days. It’s been around 54-55 hours since my last fap as i am writing this and my current situation is not that bad. Mainly because i hovered around all day. The basic formula to not think of fapping is by hovering around my friends. Find something to do. Don’t ever ever think about sex or turning on stuff. Try living completely asexual unless you are trying to score. (scoring doesn’t break the rules remember?) Don’t you test yourself that way. Today I spent my time studying and going some places and basically killing time so i didn’t even had time to think of fapping, thanks to that, it was an easy day. I recommend the same thing for you with all my heart. Just find something to do but don’t think about sex.

So the ultra hard days are still yet to come. As i am writing this, even though it’s involuntarily i think about fapping and that gives me a little, just a little hard time. It’s not super hard or something i can’t resist though. (yet) So i have to find something to do, keep it busy. Just like that, with the formula we’ve discovered, we find another advantage in contributing to No Fap 2012: “making something out of your time.” If you weren’t keeping yourself and mind busy for not fapping, you would fap which would result in lost time. So there you go, this thing actually makes your time more efficient and useful. So 2012 is going to be efficient and creative. What a huge contribution to life in these days.

Also the poll results of the last post’s poll came out. From almost 50 of you that voted we’ve come to a conclusion that majority of us guys holded our fapping desires for 2-3 weeks tops. So i’m figuring the end of first month and later is going to be tough as fuck. I’m sorry for the language, but i really can’t imagine those days with our bodies filled with extreme desire. But no! We have to get in the spirit! We are going to fight that urges and not fap until 1st of January 2013. Why? Because we are men! and men keep their promises. Men, real men can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.

Day #1: Easy days have begun

So it has arrived: 2012. After all the preparations and all that’s been written about it, the fuss has ended, long awaited 2012 is here. So is No Fap 2012. I am writing this at the end of the first day of the challenge. It leaves me only 365 days. (tough luck, this year is a leap year, it’s 366 days) It’s been only 34-35 hours since my last fap so it all feels normal for now. Of course it’s only 0.2% of the whole challenge but a progress made is a progress made. Since it’s only day 1, everything feels completely normal. In fact i feel happy that 2011 is gone. I hated that year. (don’t ask)

Before No Fap 2012 i was not an excessive fapper. My regular was about 4 times a week. Not excessive right? In my early teen years though, when i was around 15 i fapped almost everyday, more than 2-3 times a day even. Frequency has receded over the years, and now with the commitment i made, it’s come to a full stop. I’m trying to look at this on the bright side. This limitation, mending one’s ways is sort of like meditation. If you put your mind to it, you will eventually do it. I hope to find a girlfriend and complete this journey with help from her though, or else it’s going to be tough as hell.

I think the first week is going to be easy but the hardest part is going to be the 1 month to 3months period. I haven’t gone more than 3-4 weeks without fapping in my whole life before. So tell me how long have you gone at most without fapping;

Last fap of the year!

So i heard about this No fap 2012 thing online about a week ago. I didn’t thought i would participate in this. At first i thought it was really impossible, everyone is going to fail, no one will participate etc etc… But then came 31st of December 2011, a.k.a. new year’s eve. I decided to participate. Why? To list it;

– It’s new year’s and setting up a goal is a good thing for yourself. It’s a test basically for my self, for my will. How long can i go? Can i make this happen.

– Can i do everything if i put my mind in to it?

– What psychological effects it will have on me?

So after i’ve decided to join this near impossible mission, i had to fap for the last time. In the morning of new year’s eve, i fapped, for the last time in the year to come. I am super aware that this may be the real mission impossible. Also i am not saying i’m going to be successful 100%, i’m just giving it a shot, a rather serious one.

I am going to write my No Fap 2012 experience through this blog everyday, updating you with all the changes and stuff. If you are a guy participating, a guy or a girl curious about what happens when a guy decides to make such a huge commitment, feel free to follow this blog. I think it’s gonna be interesting. Leave your comments, that way we would be more interactive.