Days 13 through 18

Hey guys,

Yes it’s me, i’m still here, still holding on. It’s been almost 3 weeks, which means almost a month, which also means more than 5% is over. However things aren’t going that smooth lately. Even though i don’t have constant instant erections in public, nor do i have wet dreams. I haven’t had a single ejaculation in the past almost 20 days.(not having any wet dreams scares me, am i not normal or something) I have this urge to do something sexually and i get excited really easily. It’s effects are kicking in, i can feel it. “It’s going easy and smooth so far” posts are over. I’m having a hard time not losing now. I hope you guys are doing well though. I really doubt there are any of you left in this battle we’re giving though. Site stats are very very low, i don’t know if anybody is reading this neither.

So this is my side of the story, this is some tough challenge we have here. My nuts are getting bigger (lol-sorry for the expression), i carry the risk of having a wet, messy dream every night and i have this urge. I don’t know what i’m gonna do but we still have 347 days or something like that. Damn.

IF there are any of you out there let me know, thins got tough for me.


Days 9-10-11-12 and 13

Hello again everyone.


I’m back with a post after 5 days. I’m sorry i haven’t been around for 5 days well because i was extremely busy. Some of you taught i failed. But no. I’m still in, day #13 is almost over and only 353 days to go. Also my busy days are now over which i am thinking will make the hard days begin.(pun intended – lol)

These 13 days have been easier than i thought they would be and i think it’s because i was really busy and sleepy, studying etc… Weird thing is everything seems normal than me liking girls even more in real life. I haven’t had a wet dream yet so still no “flow” since 2011, which makes me think to be honest, if it is normal or not. How’s your journey going on? I hope it’s still going after 13 days.

p.s. i may not be writing every single day, it’s not easy finding stuff to write about this quest every single day. I will update you when important changes occur.

Day #8

Hi again everyone. First day of the second week is already done. I’m more outgoing towards girls and i don’t have any annoying horniness issues. I don’t have much to write today everything is going nice and smooth and i was super busy today. So thanks for all your appreciation and your comments.


See you guys;

Day #7: Is there anybody out there?

Hi again everyone. I have been writing these things a little bit short these days with a little lack of motivation so sorry about that. I have finals and all, such a busy schedule.

So we’ve completed 7th day. A whole week has past behind us. Only 51 weeks to go. Or we shall say 359 days. Well, we sure know time flies so it won’t be a problem. Comments form you has receded in the last days, i know it’s getting harder so i’m asking, is there anybody out there? Anyone whose still in the challenge?

Well how’s mine going? Great. I didn’t have any real challenges yet most probably because of my extra busy schedules with two finals in a row and whatnot. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I mean of course i have the urge to fap and i can feel the psi levels building up but it’s not that big of a deal yet. I think those days are still yet to come.

I hope everyone is still in the contest and not lost yet. See you tomorrow.



Day #6

Hello again everyone. I am writing this at late hour because i was out tonight, i just came home and i have a little time to write before going to sleep. How was day 6 for me? Easy like the ones before it. Thank god it’s really so far so good. Almost one week is over and considering we have 52 weeks in a year, it’s relatively a nice thing.

It was easy today cause i was busy today too. (lol what a busy life, i can find something everything) I haven’t slept a good sleep in 3 days, so i was sleepy and i had a final early in the morning. Studied in the night too so that made it worse. I had no energy so fapping wasn’t the very first of my thoughts. After that i wandered around a little bit and went out ┬ádrinking with my friends which was great. So because of this busyness state and lack of energy, i made it throughout the 6th day also.

I don’t have anything more to add this since i didn’t notice anything new. I hope you people didn’t have any problems either. This is a good thing cause it’s only the beginning. I’ll check on you tomorrow.


Day #5: Silence before the storm?

Hi again everyone. We’ve completed day 5 also. What a joy to behold. Only 361 to go. We’ve completed almost 2%, think of it. Look at it form the bright side. I hope your journey is going alright too cause mine is like a cruise in the pond.

Day 5 hasn’t been tough on me at all. I hope my dick and my hormones don’t get this as an actual challenge and try and give their best to challenge me starting from tomorrow but this day was a blast.Again, i’m telling you. Because i have finals for the next entire week, i am busy all the time. When you’re busy, you don’t think of stuff like fapping. (i mean, you don’t think of fapping when you’re busy on day 5, maybe on day 145 even keeping yourself busy won’t be enough) So i relate this to only one thing. Can this be the silence before the storm? Let’s hope not.

I am also glad to hear that you guys are doing ok too. Also try and not look at naked girl photos or porn. Keep out from those sites. (obvious advice is obvious) I think everyday is going to be the same until the finals end. (which is the 14th day) However after the finals it’s all free and me time, things can get serious and challenging at that point. To be honest with you, even if i wasn’t on this No Fap 2012, i wouldn’t fap in these last 5 days. So it’s not been much of a challenge for now, considering it’s gonna take it a year. Let’s all hope to find a girl to get us off by the end of the year so we don’t get constant wet dreams. That’s all for today, i’ll check on you people tomorrow.



Day #4: Observing slight changes…

So the day 4 is over too. Cruising nice and smoothly on this journey so far. I don’t know about you but day #4 didn’t have too much problems for me. Mostly because i was busy today too. I applied the formula perfectly; i was busy, i had things to do and i worked out, released energy. I don’t know for how long i am going to be able to apply this formula but i think it’s gonna be applied even if i didn’t want to till the 14th day, because i have finals and an extra busy schedule till the day fourteen.

Even though it was an easy day, i have noticed slight changes about myself in this 90-100 hours of not-fapping. I have noticed that i get boners more easily. I mean, thank god i haven’t had any public boners (yet – lol) but still, just looking at a simple picture makes it move. (not an instant full boner but a movement, guys know what i’m talking about) It’s not that big of a deal, i mean it’s only day 4 completed, we have like 362 more days to go. I think i’m gonna have days where i will have instant boners and i’ll have time fighting/resisting the urge to fap. (but hopefully i will win that fight) I mean it’s probably nothing compared to things i am ready to face but i can feel a pressure building up. Also i’ve noticed that i am more towards girls. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s nothing perverted or something but i can feel it pushing me. It’s not in a sexual way either, i mean i am more open. I hope you are getting what i am trying to say. Even though it’s just a beginning and a slight change, i thought i’d let you know.

So our quest continues. I hope you still got the strength too. People all over the world lose No Fap 2012 as every minute passes by, don’t be one of them.