Days 13 through 18

Hey guys,

Yes it’s me, i’m still here, still holding on. It’s been almost 3 weeks, which means almost a month, which also means more than 5% is over. However things aren’t going that smooth lately. Even though i don’t have constant instant erections in public, nor do i have wet dreams. I haven’t had a single ejaculation in the past almost 20 days.(not having any wet dreams scares me, am i not normal or something) I have this urge to do something sexually and i get excited really easily. It’s effects are kicking in, i can feel it. “It’s going easy and smooth so far” posts are over. I’m having a hard time not losing now. I hope you guys are doing well though. I really doubt there are any of you left in this battle we’re giving though. Site stats are very very low, i don’t know if anybody is reading this neither.

So this is my side of the story, this is some tough challenge we have here. My nuts are getting bigger (lol-sorry for the expression), i carry the risk of having a wet, messy dream every night and i have this urge. I don’t know what i’m gonna do but we still have 347 days or something like that. Damn.

IF there are any of you out there let me know, thins got tough for me.


2 responses to “Days 13 through 18

  1. Same here, comrade. I looked at a brick wall the other day and got turned on.
    It’s getting increasingly difficult, and a lot of my friends are noticing that I’ve been more snappy lately, and everything I say is becoming more of an innuendo or outright sexual. Perhaps I’m not getting enough sleep, but I seriously doubt that.
    I feel like it’ll get easier with time though, as after a few weeks or months we’ll probably adjust. Seems like a good time to get a girlfriend, though, cause I’m getting really fidgety and I’m starting to doubt how long I can go.

    Good luck, comrade.

  2. Yup yup, still reading, and laughing my ass off. Never tried the stuff, fapping heavily err’ day.

    It’s good to know some people are crazy enough to commit to that kind of things.

    I speede you good day sir.

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