Days 9-10-11-12 and 13

Hello again everyone.


I’m back with a post after 5 days. I’m sorry i haven’t been around for 5 days well because i was extremely busy. Some of you taught i failed. But no. I’m still in, day #13 is almost over and only 353 days to go. Also my busy days are now over which i am thinking will make the hard days begin.(pun intended – lol)

These 13 days have been easier than i thought they would be and i think it’s because i was really busy and sleepy, studying etc… Weird thing is everything seems normal than me liking girls even more in real life. I haven’t had a wet dream yet so still no “flow” since 2011, which makes me think to be honest, if it is normal or not. How’s your journey going on? I hope it’s still going after 13 days.

p.s. i may not be writing every single day, it’s not easy finding stuff to write about this quest every single day. I will update you when important changes occur.


One response to “Days 9-10-11-12 and 13

  1. See you should do a weekly blog then, might make more sense.

    Still going strong at day 15.

    Also staying away from porn.

    I actually feel better in my life… Might be secondary to what they explain in that documentary ‘your brain on porn’

    Keep the faith

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