Day #8

Hi again everyone. First day of the second week is already done. I’m more outgoing towards girls and i don’t have any annoying horniness issues. I don’t have much to write today everything is going nice and smooth and i was super busy today. So thanks for all your appreciation and your comments.


See you guys;


5 responses to “Day #8

  1. Hey bro,

    I’m in this thing too, still going strong after some temptation. What’s keeping me going and in the game is competing with my friend to see who can last the longest. Only one thing I’m worried about in my lull between women: decreased sensitivity. Do you think that’ll play a factor with this challenge at all?

  2. I’ve been having random urges throughout my day.

    Nothing incredibly substantial yet though.

    You ever see that documentary ‘your brain on porn’

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