Day #7: Is there anybody out there?

Hi again everyone. I have been writing these things a little bit short these days with a little lack of motivation so sorry about that. I have finals and all, such a busy schedule.

So we’ve completed 7th day. A whole week has past behind us. Only 51 weeks to go. Or we shall say 359 days. Well, we sure know time flies so it won’t be a problem. Comments form you has receded in the last days, i know it’s getting harder so i’m asking, is there anybody out there? Anyone whose still in the challenge?

Well how’s mine going? Great. I didn’t have any real challenges yet most probably because of my extra busy schedules with two finals in a row and whatnot. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. I mean of course i have the urge to fap and i can feel the psi levels building up but it’s not that big of a deal yet. I think those days are still yet to come.

I hope everyone is still in the contest and not lost yet. See you tomorrow.




5 responses to “Day #7: Is there anybody out there?

  1. Hey, I’m in the same endeavor. Goal is to push my urges toward girls instead of falling in the same trap of watching porn and fapping. It’s very a very unproductive but easy cycle of behavior that renders a guy into eternal bachelorhood, so me and a friend are in the same project as you.
    Having exams at university myself but that is not a good thing for me, it’s difficult and normally a period to watch more dirty movies online. Yet, read that it’s bad to watch porn (releases dopamine in the brain and all) so trying 2 things with 1 turn.
    Once they are over, I expect to be a bomb of hormones and eager to find a girl. Not with the nerdy high standards I hide behind (that push me in the cycle).

    Reading this blog is a big help for me in knowing that I’m not alone on this.

  2. still going, with finals too, however, I think I’ll break the handgrip training thing in a week or’s useful to avoid automatic hand-positioning.

  3. Still going strong.

    It’s really more an issue of recognizing it and moving past it…

    First day or 2 I had some crazy urges but I think it was more of breaking the habit of spanking it which I would do 1-2x daily…
    Now that I broke the habit, I get the occasional urge but it’s manageable.

  4. Hey guys,

    Since yesterday i don’t have the feel anymore that i have to fap. Or even better look to porn; girl pictures to feel me “good”.

    I feel me better now, and a lot attractive against girls. It’s going step by step. But 2012 is my year! No fap, fitness, get some work and finally get a lot of girls šŸ™‚


    NoFap2012 part2

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