Day #6

Hello again everyone. I am writing this at late hour because i was out tonight, i just came home and i have a little time to write before going to sleep. How was day 6 for me? Easy like the ones before it. Thank god it’s really so far so good. Almost one week is over and considering we have 52 weeks in a year, it’s relatively a nice thing.

It was easy today cause i was busy today too. (lol what a busy life, i can find something everything) I haven’t slept a good sleep in 3 days, so i was sleepy and i had a final early in the morning. Studied in the night too so that made it worse. I had no energy so fapping wasn’t the very first of my thoughts. After that i wandered around a little bit and went out  drinking with my friends which was great. So because of this busyness state and lack of energy, i made it throughout the 6th day also.

I don’t have anything more to add this since i didn’t notice anything new. I hope you people didn’t have any problems either. This is a good thing cause it’s only the beginning. I’ll check on you tomorrow.



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