Day #5: Silence before the storm?

Hi again everyone. We’ve completed day 5 also. What a joy to behold. Only 361 to go. We’ve completed almost 2%, think of it. Look at it form the bright side. I hope your journey is going alright too cause mine is like a cruise in the pond.

Day 5 hasn’t been tough on me at all. I hope my dick and my hormones don’t get this as an actual challenge and try and give their best to challenge me starting from tomorrow but this day was a blast.Again, i’m telling you. Because i have finals for the next entire week, i am busy all the time. When you’re busy, you don’t think of stuff like fapping. (i mean, you don’t think of fapping when you’re busy on day 5, maybe on day 145 even keeping yourself busy won’t be enough) So i relate this to only one thing. Can this be the silence before the storm? Let’s hope not.

I am also glad to hear that you guys are doing ok too. Also try and not look at naked girl photos or porn. Keep out from those sites. (obvious advice is obvious) I think everyday is going to be the same until the finals end. (which is the 14th day) However after the finals it’s all free and me time, things can get serious and challenging at that point. To be honest with you, even if i wasn’t on this No Fap 2012, i wouldn’t fap in these last 5 days. So it’s not been much of a challenge for now, considering it’s gonna take it a year. Let’s all hope to find a girl to get us off by the end of the year so we don’t get constant wet dreams. That’s all for today, i’ll check on you people tomorrow.




3 responses to “Day #5: Silence before the storm?

  1. Also here no fapping at day 5. I love it, because i’m little (it’s a bit more :s) shy against girls. So i hope without any porno and goddamned beautiful pictures of girls. I hope it’s gona a help me, to be a less shy.

    I have to say, without this site i would thougth to stop with fapping. So thx anyway pal…

    And a good tip: If you think to fapping, go to the toilet to pee. It’s really help me…

    NoFap2012 part2 😉

  2. Haha, sounds like you’re doing well so far. I challenged my friend to No Fap 2012 starting January 3rd, so we’re both going one extra day into 2013 to make up for the loss (2012 is a Leap year, so we’re counting that extra day). We ended up making it into a bet, and apparently a lot of people found out about it, and more of our friends are joining in. Some of them limited themselves to a few months though, so the contest is really just between a handful of us.
    I intend to win, and I was in fact thinking about making a blog about it. Thankfully I found yours, so I’ll follow it instead ^__^

    Good luck, comrade! And may the gods of self control be with you!

  3. Day 5 was easy for me too.

    I have a feeling this entire weekend will be relatively easy, I have to travel for work… So it will be a few hotel rooms and a fair amount of driving.

    Almost a week under our belt. Let’s keep up the good work everyone.

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